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Leadpipes Premium

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$9,995 Value

  • Includes Nationwide Lifetime Access to over 148,000,000 properties (Including 17 Different Lead Types)

  • Multi-Dimensional Search allows you to “layer” data

  • All Deed, Mortgage, Legal Information

  • Search by Owner and Property Types

  • Access “People Data” like Private Lenders, Renters, and Cash Buyers

  • Built in “Automated Valuation Modeling” for an accurate value of properties you’re looking to buy and sell.

Leadpipes Premium Highlights

  • 17 Different Lead Types

    Leadpipes Premium offers more super targeted lead types than any other real estate data provider.

  • Every House Has a Story

    With our “multi-dimensional filtering” you can now layer multiple lead types on top of one another to create “Superlists” of prospects.

  • "Organic Data"

    Our master database is considered “organic” which is a fancy way to say it’s updated daily and is in constant development – It’s changing all the time just like the people and the property which make it up.

  • Tax Assessor Data

Property square feet, lot size, year built, beds, baths, and over 100 more data points help you make more informed buying decisions.

  • AVM Modeling

With built in “Automated Valuation Modeling” you can get an accurate value of properties you’re looking to buy and sell.

  • Deed & Mortgage Data

Review all current and recorded deed and mortgage information.

  • Legal Records - Lis Pendens & NOD

Access property lien and foreclosure information throughout the entire legal foreclosure process.

  • Geocoded Searches

Search EXACT areas or neighborhoods using our polygon and geocoded search feature.

  • Owner Types

Search all properties by “owner types” which include individuals, businesses, financial, government owned, or trust.

  • Property Types

Look up single family homes (SFR’s), condos, townhomes, multi-family, 5+ apartment, land, mobile home, and specialty property.

  • Smarter than a 4th Grader

Elijah my 10 year old recently used Leadpipes Premium to build a list of properties we could build a “dinosaur waterpark” on. I’m currently being talked into it!

Simple Instant Productivity.

  • "People" Data

Access people centric data like private lenders, renters, flippers, and bankruptcy data. ALSO access “Probate Data” for an additional fee.

Quick Search & Saved Search

Quickly search just one property or save your detailed search for further use.

Data Feeds Provided with Leadpipes Premium

  • Absentee Owner

    Property owners who do not live in the property.

  • Active Listings

    An active 'For Sale' property listing on the MLS.

  • Bankruptcy

    Homeowners who have recently filed for bankruptcy, generally making them very motivated sellers.

  • Bored Investors

    Absentee Owners who have owned the subject property for a long period of time.

  • Cash Buyer

    Owners who have likely paid cash for their property.

  • Foreclosure

    These properties have gone through the foreclosure process in their state and have been foreclosed on.

  • Free & Clear

    An equity based lead, these properties are owned without any mortgage and are thus ‘Free & Clear’ of any debt.

  • High Equity

    An equity based lead, these properties are owned with a mortgage on the property and the loan-to-value is less than 60%.

  • Long-Term Owner

    The same party who has occupied the house for the past thirty years is the owner of the property.

  • Low Equity

    An equity based lead, these properties are owned with a mortgage on the property and the loan-to-value is greater than 80%.

  • Potentially Inherited

    These properties have been identified as properties that were potentially inherited either from parents-to-children or from spouse-to-spouse. The properties in this lead type are not guaranteed to be inherited, but show the characteristics of being so.

  • Pre-Foreclosure

    These properties are going through the foreclosure process, but have not yet completed the process.

  • Private Lenders

    Having significant capital holdings which can be used as a funneling source for your deals.

  • Renters

    A person who is currently renting an apartment or house and may be in the market to purchase a property of their own.

  • Upside Down

    An equity based lead, these properties are owned with a mortgage on the property and the loan-to-value is greater than 100%.

  • Vacant Property

    These properties have been identified as being vacant, thus there is no one living at the property address.

  • Zombie

    These properties are in the pre-foreclosure process and are also vacant.

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