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Realeflow, LLC BBB Business Review
"I love Realeflow! The multi-touch direct mail campaigns are the best. I love the automation of all marketing aspects! It allows my wife and I to enjoy our time with each other and all we have to do is wait for the calls from motivated sellers. Thanks Realeflow! You gave us automation and more time ownership!"
"REALEFLOW! Are you kidding, your Interface, Databases & Software Rocks!! Realeflow was "The" game changer for us. With Realeflow we knew we could run our Real estate Business. To have access to all our information in one location has simplified the process 10 fold." R4 Realty - Thanks you!”
R4 Realty
“I love the fact that everything is in the cloud. I travel a lot for my other business, but always have access to my real estate business no matter where I am. All my information is accessible with Realeflow. The simplicity of tools available makes my real estate business run smooth, no matter where I am in the world.”
“First, I created a list of 500 of the properties in my area that had the highest wholesale AI scores. Within minutes, I sent mailers using Realeflow's Direct Mail Engine. Within a couple of weeks I had a deal. It was the cheapest, easiest deal I’ve ever landed.”

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