Buying a property wrong can be devastating, not only to your bank account, but to your confidence as well. 

Our Deal Analyzer Spreadsheet was built off Realeflow's beloved Deal Analyzer tool that tens of thousands of real estate investors have used to avoid bad deals. 

Use this free Deal Analyzer Spreadsheet to:

  • Use the most important numbers of every deal (even the ones most investors miss) to analyze and identify each deal’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Accurately project your Return On Investment for prospective deals in minutes
  • Analyze several buying and selling scenarios in minutes to determine the estimated profit before you invest
  • Determine how different financing options and holding times affect your bottom line
  • And Much More

The Deal Analyzer Spreadsheet is pre-filled with all the formulas and default values you’ll need to get started. Just fill in the details specific to the property and the deal analyzer will calculate the rest.

Use the same tool that thousands of other investors have used to make smart offers and avoid bad deals.