Legal Wholesaling

Discover The 5-Step Method For Wholesaling Houses The Proper Way, created by esteemed Real Estate Attorney, Jeff Watson, and successful real estate investor, Greg Clement

This system for wholesaling houses the legal way is ideal for:

  • Any real estate investor who wants a systematic and dependable approach to generating more leads, and closing more deals faster.

  • Anyone who is confused by real estate laws and wants to know the differences between what is considered "right" and what is considered "wrong" by the Division of Real Estate or state Department of Commerce.

  • Anybody who has gotten into wholesaling for the opportunity to make "quick cash" without using their own money, credit, or funds to close deals.

  • Any real estate investor who has been threatened by "cease-and-desist" letters and wants to know the steps they should take.

  • Any investor who actively markets their deals to cash buyers and might not realize the possible consequences for including what they might consider to be essential pieces of information of the house they are trying to flip.

This Legal Wholesaling Course Includes:

    MODULE #1:

    Your Legal Wholesaling Blueprint

  • Discover the exact layout and framework so YOU can model a successfully executed legal approach to wholesaling.

  • Discover what exit strategies and closing methods will work best for you, so you can structure your real estate business around your desired lifestyle.

  • Download our latest arsenal of tools that will simplify the legal way to wholesale houses, while leveraging technology to streamline and automate each step of the process.

    MODULE #2:

    Greg Clement's Private Lending System

  • Learn how private money lenders THINK so you can position yourself in a way that is magnetic to them.

  • Master the "Private Money Conversation" so you know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

  • Create your own "Credibility Kit" so you are positioned with enough authority to make lenders confident in providing you with a loan.

  • Use all of the legal docs available at your disposal to secure a deal that keeps you protected.

  • You can get Greg Clement’s Private Lending System as a standalone course here.

    MODULE #3:

    Marketing For Motivated Sellers

  • How to generate mailing lists of motivated seller leads in SECONDS so you don't waste your time marketing to the wrong types of sellers.

  • What you can and CANNOT legally say in your marketing materials.

  • TEMPLATE and walkthrough of 6 proven direct mail campaigns that you can deploy IMMEDIATELY (without having to go to the post office or even lick a stamp).

  • The TOP "Stealth Negotiation Strategies" that you can use in your business right now.

    MODULE #4:

    Legal Contracts

  • Structure your purchase agreements the RIGHT WAY so you can position yourself for a successful transaction.

  • Taking title of a property [YOUR NAME] VS LLC.

  • How to determine the proper amount of earnest money to put down (and how to ensure you get it back if necessary).

  • CONTINGENCIES - Contract verbiage that is absolutely essential to have in all of your agreements to legally grant you time to find a buyer.

    MODULE #5:

    Finding Cash Buyers

  • How to generate mailing lists of buyer leads in SECONDS so you can close quickly.

  • How to initiate direct lines of communication with buyers CREATIVELY so you can legally discuss the terms of the deal.

  • How to build lists of high net-worth investors who can repeatedly close deals with you.

  • How to structure a quick close within the same week of finding a buyer.


    The Emergency Legal Response System

  • Turn to this bonus training module if you are ever facing a legal battle and you don't know what to do.

  • You are going to learn what to do when sellers and buyers back out of a deal, how to respond to lawsuits and threats, and what to do IMMEDIATELY if your property is ever damaged.


    Finding Cash Buyers

  • This Legal Wholesaling Course also includes several downloadable items to help you with raising private funds, discovering how to effectively talk to potential private lenders, how to market for motivated sellers, and sample legal documents that your business needs.

Legal Wholesaling

Discover The 5-Step Method For Wholesaling Houses The Proper Way

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